Donation event for Yonsei Severance Hospital Children’s Cancer Ward
2018-12-03 관리자
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G&G Commerce, the operators of the
money making shopping Domeggook participated in the “Children’s Easter
Celebration Concert” on the 12th of last week, in Sinchon at Yonsei Severance

There were 7 different gift sets presented to the children by employees
who volunteered to be a part of the event; among them were hand written
letters, sketch books, crayons, and lego chopsticks. 



concert was held to convey a message of courage and hope
for children and parents exhausted from having to spend day in and day out in
a hospital.

programs included those of
s, vocal performances, and dolls and gift donation. 

moving performance was given by
, a family
team consisting of
3 members, brother
and sister Joo
-bin Min, Ji-won Min and their mother

They gave a cello duet performance that was touching and melodic.


, who delivered a message of hope and emotion to many who
participated in the event
, was able to participate in the event thanks to the support of the Korea's top art
school, Yewon School

Yewon is an avid supporter of donation to
and participation in
meaningful events.


"We participated in the event to offer a little
comfort, but
we ended up receiving greater encouragement," the employees of the Domeggook said. "We want to visit more often and spend time and
with those who are having a hard time.


wanted to convey a warm heart to the children and
their families having a
hard time here in the hospital without losing their hope
," said Young-il, CEO of G&G Commerce.